Curative Undulations

from by Éohum



Groveling lies and unheeded lust
Waxing - ascending to royalty,
As our innate consciences - remain obsolete.

Our contrivances, still deemed "evolved"
Behold your sloping extinction
Mass neglect, instigates the notion of self-infliction

Revealed is the nature of this violation
Unveiled is genuine , root and vein, spirit and wind, where flows intent.
Tears of green putrid, intoxicating elements flood,
hymns are cried- our state indicating god-heads :

"Infra your welkin
Within auras
Root of vigor
Under your skin
Beneath tissues

Beneath tissues

Break #1

-Within woven expansions of your genus' volition
-Curative designed undulations hold,
-Remedial streams within

Break #2

-And released they will be, amongst oncoming faiths
-Reminiscent of primordial eons
-Where uniformity is lord of the universal jurisprudence


from Ealdfaeder, released March 18, 2016



all rights reserved


ÉOHUM Montreal, Québec

Blackened Doom Metal


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