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Éohum – Ealdfaeder (EP) (2016)

Release Date: March 18, 2016


released March 18, 2016

EP Credits:
• All songs Arranged by: Jeremy Perkins
• Produced by: Jeremy Perkins
• Mixed by: Marc-Olivier Frechette
• Mastered by: Marc-Olivier Frechette

Recorded April 2015 & October 2015 at Chris Donaldson’s (Cryptopsy) “The Grid”.

Album Cover Credits: Joe Pimental

(*guest drum performances on three of the tracks by The Agonist’s Simon McKay.)

EP Line Up:
Jeremy Perkins – Guitars
Sylvain Dumont – Guitars
Cesar Franco – Bass
Luca Belviso – Drums (tracks 1-3)
Simon McKay – Drums (tracks 2-4-5)
Barrie Butler – Vocals
Annie Perreault – French Horn / Flute


Decibel Magazine :

Montreal’s Éohum first got my attention with the hook of having a full time French horn player augmenting their brand of black metal which was thematically steeped in environmental consciousness, exploration of heritages and respect for ancient traditions. The enthusiasm exhibited by founding member and guitarist Jeremy Perkins ended up pulling me in further. Normally, this is the spot where time would be taken to give some sort of context or detailed introduction to the band that formed in 2010 and are about to issue their second release, Eadlfaeder via the Mycelium Networks label, but Perkins took the baton and ran with it like a motherfucker when we sent him a few questions as a means of getting to know his band. Here, we present the opportunity to listen to a new track called “Eurocide” and read some pretty heartfelt words.

continue here for full interview / manifesto of band:
Eurocide Premier:


No Clean Singing :


When you listen to the track, it may help to understand the thematic concept of Ealdfaeder and the reflections that inspired the music, because from the band’s perspective they seem to be inseparable. As Éohum’s founder and guitarist Jeremy Perkins explains, “The album speaks generally about the lost voice of past cultures who were colonized and the decaying relationship humanity has with nature due to the societies we live in. The loss of traditions we held and relationships we had with nature.”

With respect to the song we’re premiering, in particular, Perkins says:

“‘The Apathetic Plague’ is the track I am most proud of, the arrangement and overall producing came out strong and clearly depicts Éohum‘s sound as a whole with our full lineup and new skin!

“The message projected in this song lyrically reveals our main message and thematic in this EP; being the loss of interest and connection between human cultures and the environment they are from in our greed-filled, corrupt world of today. Apathy runs deep, replacing our roots and ancestral symbiotic ways!”

It’s a multifaceted song, one that moves from ominous, blackened whirring to lurching, doomy staggers, and it grows increasingly intense as it unfolds, with shrieking, acid-bath vocals adding a sharp edge to the music’s passion.

With melodies that are both mournful and majestic, melancholy yet defiant, the song is accented by a beautiful motif performed on the French horn by Annie Perreault that really sticks in the head every time it appears, and there’s a bass-and-drum duet at the finale that’s riveting.

Ealdfaeder was recorded at Chris Donaldson’s (Cryptopsy) “The Grid” and includes guest drum performances on three of the tracks by The Agonist’s Simon McKay. For more info about the EP, check the links below the track list — and enjoy “The Apathetic Plague”.



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ÉOHUM Montreal, Québec

Blackened Doom Metal


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Track Name: Eurocide
Ancestry forgotten,

Our amnesia now runs deep!

Our lineage, as blissful as the night shade!

Generational heritage now erased.

An ancient symbol cries!

Centuries of knowledge gone.

Blown away by a religious storm!

Awaken from the dream, this genocidal tyranny ends! ;

“Masses of the North running for shelter....... as dogmatic tyranny spread!

The propagation of monotheistic fears. ”

Our Sacred set aflame!

Turned to ash.

Our blood dried out of our veins.

Replaced by meta-cultural poisons.

Our children tamed to follow your new world.

A time of fear, and we were forced to forget.

Monotheistic rule and unforgiving acts of torture.

Sacrifices and executions... and they screamed! :

“But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves!”

Exodus: 34:13

Ripped aside my will, my being.

Imagining my forefather's themselves, giving in.

The stench of burning flesh arose as our ways flew adrift.

Within us lies the light!

Enough to unveil the blind!

Ours! The brightest of lights!

Child can learn;

To retrieve once again our Archetypical mind!
Track Name: Unmasking A World Of Deceit
The revelation of the unmasking, it plays on.

In wake of this depriving state were in.

There once was a time - when time wasn't a basket to fill.

Our continuing opera , shows the true face of society.

In wake of these times, we have a choice.

Where roams economy as king,

Roams health and family as a , secondary source of blessings.

secondary source of blessings.

Culture and beliefs

Origins lost, gone astray

Re-written, misunderstood, changed, to fit ones fist of coins.

Our environments, foods, poisoned without consent.

Our well being and minds washed out rebooted,

To serve our stable decline unknowingly.

to serve our stable decline unknowingly.

to serve our stable decline unknowingly.

For the path is already etched, whether we agree or not,
It is a time of change
In the many forms its taken.
With all the bumps in the road, included.
Even these conflicting times we live in.

It is a time of change
In the many forms its taken.

It is a time of change
In the many forms its taken.

These times, remind us that our self proclaimed genius-like status and lifestyles, won't save us!
Track Name: The Apathetic Plague
Riddled of false idealistic ways.

Surrounded by existentialism.

When Nihilism is overcome, Culture can again, have a true foundation!

Don’t try to remind me of this Era's simpletons

Their graceful blind & entrusting fates.

No longer do I aspire, to shelter their needs!

We long for the rebirth, the return of our hearths

A jar ? For all those tears of acceptance,

Washing away our will and strength!

Enough of :

These riddles to sell us

These charms to slowly kill us

These lies to exploit us!

These integrating acts to...

Forget ourselves!

I will not dance with you!

This dance of the blind,

Of the benevolent Christ wannabe.

Let us instead reap the sorrows of our kind

and remind!

Put aside your false Ideals! Morals! Meta-Culture & Lies!

They have no place here, where sprouted knowledge and forebears!

In our realm of life, we aspire to be!

Abide, they say!

In their Kingdom of pain and sorrow;

Hypocrisy and Dogmatic rule!

Their world of Colonization and Immigration

Sacrificing our Tradition and Blood – Earth and Forests!

In the end...... our extinction!

Lest we forget.... our blood is our claim!
Track Name: Ode To A Martyr
As the light moved aside, for winds of chill,

We sung and became still.

Thoughts coming to our dominant ego's,

Summoned by their robotic drill,

Drowning in derivative pills.

Take down your icon, that eagle,

Reinstate our culture, lost.

Tears swept , and forgotten stories

Once told by the strong and fierce, forefathers.

To the hunt we rise, in candour we will feast!

Over our shoulders, under our feet, land of the true free.

If only we could see, left behind, our foot prints made of decaying, ignorant, belligerent ruins.

Rewind, remember,that we’ve been led astray.

We just may, wish a mighty storm, to brew a cure for the long forgotten.

Awaken, this dream wasn't meant to last.

Moon shed's - deciding glimpse!
Track Name: Curative Undulations
Groveling lies and unheeded lust
Waxing - ascending to royalty,
As our innate consciences - remain obsolete.

Our contrivances, still deemed "evolved"
Behold your sloping extinction
Mass neglect, instigates the notion of self-infliction

Revealed is the nature of this violation
Unveiled is genuine , root and vein, spirit and wind, where flows intent.
Tears of green putrid, intoxicating elements flood,
hymns are cried- our state indicating god-heads :

"Infra your welkin
Within auras
Root of vigor
Under your skin
Beneath tissues

Beneath tissues

Break #1

-Within woven expansions of your genus' volition
-Curative designed undulations hold,
-Remedial streams within

Break #2

-And released they will be, amongst oncoming faiths
-Reminiscent of primordial eons
-Where uniformity is lord of the universal jurisprudence